31 Commandments of a Virtuous Wife!

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Marriage is a union, a relationship between two people. It is a marital relationship between man and woman who love themselves dearly. They have a common purpose of making each other a better person. They help one another attain the highest level in their careers and chosen profession. However, the woman in the relationship has lots of roles to play to ensure the man steers the ship of their union to the right direction. In this union all hands must be on deck to make it a success, everyone has a major role to play. For the woman, the following guidelines will help you carry out your responsibility successfully.

• Communication is the bedrock of every successful relationship; however, you must communicate with your husband in so much respect and reverence.

• Bond with him emotionally, physically and otherwise; never use sex as a “pay-back” either negatively or positively.

• Make it a point of duty to understand his feelings and reasons even when he hurts you. Even if you want to confront him, do that with wisdom.

• Show interest in his interests and hobbies.

• Nobody is perfect in the true sense of it, so avoid being too hard on his mistakes and short-comings.

• Love, like and esteem him very high. Let him know you are incomplete without him.

• Guard and protect his manliness and headship especially before family members.

• Create an atmosphere of peace, joy and laughter in your home. A wise woman builds her home while a foolish one tears hers down. Laugh together, it is necessary and important.

• When you go out, go with the pains and challenges but never return home with them.

• Make his strength and ability your focus while working with him in love on his weak points.

• Talk with him about working together as a team to achieve set family goals and targets.

• Make his home-coming memorable by welcoming him with joy and laughter.

• Always compliment him, praise him and respect him. Remember if he was insulted outside and you do not insult him at home, he is still a king and in-charge. Do not join people outside to humiliate him.

• Forgive him, forgive and keep perfecting each other.

• Express your desire and need for his company either verbally or otherwise but be courteous about it.

• Tear off your pride and admit your wrongs, then do something positive about them.

• Rate his desire and dream to do well, not his performance. Love what drives him, not what he drives.

• Care for him and meet his needs.

• Send him SMS or Mails at work! Appreciate his leadership over you and value all he is doing for the family.

• Do not stop surprising him positively and romantically.

• Do not belittle him! Lovingly give suggestions and not advise; you are his wife not his counsellor.

• Pray for him always!

• Always value him, cherish his intentions, actions and feelings.

• Shout out about him to folks around him both in his presence and absence.

• Esteem him very high before your kids.

• Be a great spouse and remain his help-mate that is your calling.

• Do not patronize him when he is feeling low, allow him space and time to come out of it.

• Get rid of stuffs that annoy him.

• There is no law that says you should not help him financially. Always remember that you are an all-round partner.

• Never argue with him especially outside your home, no matter how irritating or embarrassing you think his actions or attitude is.

• Always give to him and make it a lifestyle.

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