The Most Important Thing You Need To Remember When Your Anxiety Disorder Sets In (My Own Experience)

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I had no idea that I had suffered from anxiety disorder until about seven years ago. I mostly lived in my comfort zone and avoided everything I disliked. Or I was afraid of.

All I knew was that I was easily stressed out. Even small problems like long queue made my head spinning. Not to mention about my unstable mood that made me anxious and depressed more often. I had no idea if anxiety disorder and depression interrelated each other.

But I couldn’t give up. I have job to do, I have friends, I have family, and most of all, I am alive. I have gone so far I cannot give in to the haunting anxiety disorder. I have to free myself from depression. Now people look at me in different perspective. My struggle with anxiety disorder is not in vain.

I smiled more often, becoming more relaxed and carefree. Sometimes I still feel anxious and depressed. But I can always overcome it. There is always silver lining in the cloud. I can say there is blessing in disguise because of my anxiety disorder and depression and I’d love to share it with you/

1.  As time goes by, I learn to be more relax

There is no need to be always in rush to do everything. As I rethink and consider, my anxiety disorder mostly came from less important things. Constant over thinking made me look drowsy and scary since I barely smiled. People thought I hated them and I was anti-social. In fact, I was not like that. I had problem with being calmer and relax.

So whenever I felt a pang of anxiety disorder symptoms, I would try to take a deep breath and not uttering a word until I feel calmer.

2. Pills can’t always solve everything

My anxiety disorder and depression caused health problems especially headache and nerve constrain. I though it was usual illness so I took some medication to get over it. Those pills usually made me sleepy that I fell asleep as soon I took them. But lately I found myself getting addicted to them. It was not good because my productivity decreased and I often missed the deadline. I even forgot my own birthday.

Thanks God, it’s not too late to realize the side effect of anxiety disorder medication. So I consulted to my doctor and said I would like to stop consuming those pills. She guided me to gradually get rid of medication intake.

Anxiety disorder can’t always be treated with medication. As an alternative, we can choose safer and more natural way. Do you like chocolate? That can be our relief when we are stressed out. We can also choose juice and other greens. Do not forget to drink sufficient amount of fresh water.

3. But if they’re really needed, take medications

Sometimes anxiety disorder is so tormenting we cannot stand it. There was a point in my life I needed something more than motivational words. Moreover, it was so lonely to suffer from anxiety disorder, right? We’re often misunderstood by others and left apart. So may need medication to calm our anixety down. We need medication to fall asleep as fast as we can to forget our problems.

However, make sure that we have consulted to doctor to avoid drug abuse and overdosed. Chronic anxiety disorder is really need medication treatment.

4. Don’t over think triviality

Do you often find difficulty to forget that little joke your friend threw at you? Think again. Did it kill you? In fact, you survive, right? That’s what I learn from my struggle to deal with anxiety disorder and depression. I used to over think trivial stuffs people usually ignore, like if I look pale or not, if I made some typos, and if I looked stupid when I always wear the same dress in every party.

In fact, people will never care such triviality. They mostly will not scrutinize our appearance into details unless they have problems with themselves. People usually skip unimportant point and highlight our personality.

5. Keep believing that we’re tough to make it through

Remember that despite of all the sufferings we feel when having anxiety disorder and depression, we survive. It means that we’re tough. We may seem vulnerable and incapable, but we’re strong. If we can go this far, believe that we can go all the way. If we finally achieve the goal we have set, we will stand in amazement.

6. Look around and we’re not alone

I once felt so alone I didn’t even want to go out. I was too afraid of people that they’d make fun of my anxiety disorder. I was too anxious and depressed. But then I realize that I’m not the only person in the world suffering from anxiety disorder. There are people out there undergoing the same problem as me.

All we have to do is to look around. It may be hard for anxious people to find the mutual anxiety sufferers. But we can use the internet, right? We can share your thoughts in some self-help sites or join anxiety forum. We may not see them in person, but you can feel their stories. We can arrange some meetings if we live in the same area. Like what I did, I wrote and shared this story so you can put some feedback on my post.

7. Let go of the past

Honesty, I still feel haunted by my dark past of anxiety disorder. I still feel the anxiety at the moment every now and then, but I can overcome it. Sometimes we may be reminded of how ridiculous we were when we’re younger. It makes us get more depressed and lower our self-esteem. It’s okay. It’s just a small joke.

We’re different now, in a good way. We improve. We can remember our past, but don’t ever let it haunt us. Like an old saying, we’re never too old to learn new things.

8. Do something to release stress

It is not good to keep everything to ourself. I was used to keep every pain to myself and didn’t want everybody to know it. Because there’s no use. I thought there would be no difference if I let it out or keep it. But the more I hide it, the worse my anxiety disorder became. Then someday I scribbled some random words on a piece of paper. After that I felt a slight feeling of relief. That’s it. I need to put my anxiety onto something.

That’s my personal story. You may have different modes to express your feeling. It can be watching movies, crying, singing, listening to music, or even exercising.

9. I learn how to be persistent

Do you feel tired after several tries and you didn’t seem to reach your destination? That’s the point. Sometimes I’m tired of being normal like anybody else. But the more I tried to please everyone, the more depressed I was. That’s not me at all.

So I tried to loosen the knot. I mean, I just tried my best to be me, the one who has flaws and all. Along my struggle with anxiety disorder and depression, I learn how to keep on track and be persistent on the goal I have set.

10. This is more than just illness

We can take pills, we can go to the doctor, but anxiety disorder and depression are not just an illness. They’re actually somewhere inside us. It’s a place inside us we don’t know the existence until we feel a pang of hurt.

We can say that it’s all about mood. Either you suffer from anxiety disorder or depression, pills or medication are not enough to cure the pain. That’s what I learn these days when dealing with anxiety disorder and depression. I try as long as I can to maintain my good mood. Holiday is the best day since I can just lie down and do nothing. I need to rest my mind.

11. Time passes by

Time will solves everything, an on proverb says. I learn how to be patient and assure myslef to that thsi too shall pass. I know it’s kind of mission impossible. People with anxiety disorder often feel that they will suffer forever. It’s such a long and lonely day, waiting for miracle to happen. Yet it never seemingly happen.

We can fill our time by contemplating what we have achieved this far. It’s okay if we feel that we haven’t done anything mattered so far. Time passes and so does our pain.

12. I get to know who really stand besides me

Real frinds are not only available in our best times. They will accompany us no matter what, anytime. Along my struggle with anxiety disorder and depression, I gradually learn who genuinely care and who simply come and go. In fact, I made friends with almost no one. But there’s one special friend, she’s my classmate at highschool. Even though we’re now having our own life, we hang out every now and then, when she’s not too busy with her work and family. She’s got two children. She always invited me to her children’s birthday and her wedding anniversary.

13. I do have loving family

No matter what happens, family is always here with me. My parents, my sisters and brother, they always give me support no matter what. They make me worthy. They make me feel so special. We all have loving family. Even though some of us don’t have so. But you can consider people who are always kind to you as family. Don’t forget your pets, be it cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, birds. They’re our family too.

14. There’s always help

As it’s stated before, there must be someone out there willing to help. It can be the ones we’ve known or even complete strangers, I know it’s sometimes hard to trust strangers. But not all strangers are bad. They’ll sincerely help us whenever we face any problem.

15. I learn to evaluate what I really want

Through the pain, I learn to recognize what’s bad and good to me. You know what it means? I learn to put myself away from all negativity which adds burden to my anxiety disorder and depression. I learn how to make priority in life so I can live to the fullest.

Most of all, don’t forget to be always grateful for blessings we receive. It’s such a pleasure to live all the way and make through the struggles.


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