When my anxiety symptoms in women try to defeat me

To hear the phrase “our only hope” always makes one anxious, because it means that if the only hope doesn’t work, there is nothing left. – Lemony Snicket, The Blank Book

When I was writing this, I just had a hellish day, one of my hellish days, to be precise. I’m dealing with anxiety symptoms in women and still trying to adjust with my surroundings and of course, the most important one, with myself.

Whether you suffer from anxiety disorder or not, most of you must agree that the hardest enemy to conquer lies within us. Within me. All along I denied and made excuse of doing nothing because there’s like big sack burdening my head.

I always feel several anxiety symptoms whenever I meet new faces in public, even when some relatives I haven’t met before visit my home.

I just awkwardly sitting in silence, listening to something I try to relate and finally I fail to find the right words or smart response to blend into the conversation.

At first I always shielding myself from outside world, being afraid of my own shadow. But lately I realized I can’t live this way forever. I have mum, I have my little brother, and I wouldn’t succeed in career if I didn’t try some efforts to overcome anxiety symptoms in women.

Unfortunately, women are prone to anxiety than men, according to Mental Health. Here are some anxiety symptoms in women based on my experience. They usually doesn’t occur once in a time. Sometimes I just feel one, two or three symptoms and the composition vary depending on what situation I’m facing.

That feeling like awake paralysis

Sleep paralysis? It’s so common, but what if you experience paralysis when you’re awake? I would say it’s the most tormenting feeling I’ve ever had.

Psychologists often say it as numbness, like a living mummy. I have this numbness and sometimes I have tingling around my arms, feet, and face.

It happens some time or the following morning after I got anxiety attack. I thought I just need to stretch my body so that my muscles got relaxed.

But it’s not all about my muscles.

My doctor said numbness in anxiety sufferers is caused by interrupted blood circulation. I tend to inhale much and exhale less when I’m.

As a result, my blood has excessive oxygen supply and so the blood vessels narrowing down, and it’s hard for blood and oxygen to reach the parts of your body farthest from your heart, like hands, face, and feet.

But I won’t give up, and you too, should never give up because there’s practical ways to overcome numbness.

First, control your breathing, especially after waking up in the morning. Sit or stand still for a while and then breathe in slowly through your nose and when your lungs are full hold the breath for a couple of seconds.

After that, breathe out slowly through your mouth through almost closed lips. Do this repeatedly until the numbness gone.

Bumblebees inside my head

Thinking of the way to act normally made my head spinning. It got worse as the discussion or occassion with others over. I took my friend’s are-you-okay question too seriously and made interpretation that they looked down on me.

I got headache, throbbing  on my temples and forehead, sometimes on the whole head that I want to eject my head from my body for a moment and put it into the fridge.

I bet you as the sufferer know how it feels. How it feels when your head can’t compromise with your expectation of being as normal as others, when you feel the pang inside. You built your own prejudice then think it over and over again until you get headache.

It’s another common anxiety symptoms in women. It may occur as soon as you face the unexpected things or it gradually occurs as you interact with others until the event is over.

The instant way to overcome headache is of course with medications. In some cases the sufferers try to heal it by smoking or consuming illegal drugs. But I safer way to overcome the anxiety symptoms in women. I go to the doctor, of course.

Besides of giving me some prescription, she suggested to simplify my lifestyle. Television is a start. I usually turn on the telly so my room will not sound empty and then I realized it made my headache worse.  So I turn off the TV most of the time.

Next step is to shut my gadgets down – my laptop and smartphone especially before sleep. I also try not to go back to sleep after waking up. I walked around my flat instead, then go outside to breathe the fresh morning air. I reduce my coffee consumption as well, then have fresh water, green tea, or juices as the substitute.

Stomach upset

This is the anxiety symptom I’m always afraid of. I felt my stomach churned when I was anxious. Like, I try so hard not to puke.

Sometimes you also may feel like butterflies hovering inside your stomach. Instead of pretty, those butterflies are so annoying.

Stomach upset or nervous stomach may make you look pale and so you’ll have cold sweat. Even if you can manage not to puke, you’ll automatically lose appetite. As a result, you get weaker and maybe look more pathetic and miserable.

I got some suggestion from a friend of my online anxiety forum. She has the same problem and even got hospitalized because of it. The best way is to control my daily menus and drink fresh water more often.

Then I programmed my diet, eating oatmeal and fruits when breakfast, consuming more vegetables for lunch, and sufficient amount of mashed potatoes for diner.

I also have to avoid eating spicy food too often. To overcome this anxiety symptom in women, I usually apply some mint oil onto my stomach as well because it has nice aroma and makes my stomach more relax.

Neck Tension

Having anxiety means that I can’t be relax. The worst part is, I felt worrier everytime I told myself to relax. I can’t. I have neck tension, usually with the headache or stomach nervous.

How often do you have neck tension? It feels like you’re carrying tons of grain, right?

Neck tension is considered as one of anxiety symptoms in women. It’s because our nervous system affects our muscle as well, especially the upper part of our body. It often occurs to you that neck tension makes you even unable to swallow.

You feel faint and throat gripping. Some of you may let the neck tension or you try to fight it by force yourself to drink. Me? I always have mint balm to be applied onto my neck and then find somewhere to lean on. Recently I join yoga class and the practice helps me put my neck tension away.

Yoga combines adequate breathing technique as well as muscle exercise. What makes me like most is that yoga class is usually taken in serene room, even sometimes my yoga class does it at a private beach or villa in mountainous area.

Heart Palpitation

I bet every anxiety sufferers often feel their heart beat so fast when they have to face some unwanted events, no matter how trivial the problems seemed by others.

That’s what I’ve undergone for so long. When I’m nervous, then I get heart palpitation which leads to shakiness, cold sweat, and shortness of breath.

According to some article in American Psychological Journal, heart palpitation is caused by the adrenaline rush as a respond to our defensive mechanism when facing unexpected things.

It helps you get ready to either fight the danger, or to run away from the danger or as we know as “fight or flight” response.

In anxiety sufferer like me, heart palpitation comes throughout the day, in slight fast heartbeat then it spreads around the pulse in my body.

Instead of letting heart palpitation drag me down, I try to continue yoga practice at home before sleeping.

Another way is by listening to relaxation music, and again, light walk with barefoot. Since I like reading, I buy some funny comics so it will boost my mood and by laughing, I can put aside the heart palpitation.

Shortness of breath

My friends thought I was having asthma when I suddenly looked trying so hard to breathe. My parents thought the same. I thought I would die.

Maybe for anxiety sufferers, you’ll feel like in another planet, when oxygen is so rare you have to fight to get it. In such a condition, you usually can’t think about anything else but to escape. Because that’s what I do. As my doctor said, continue breathing exercise.

That’s all the anxiety symptoms in women I experienced so far. Until now, I’m still trying to oversome the symptoms little by little. If you have any other symptoms I didn’t mention, simply give your comment.**


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