Cute Love Quotes

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To be honest, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship that grows to the fairytale level by itself. No, you have to work for it. Speaking of great romance, cute love quotes are crucial at the beginning of a relationship and can mean a lot to your loved one.

Love quotes can be seen almost everywhere, from songs, to billboards, to movies. Speaking of movie quotes, today we’re presenting you our top 8 most favorite romantic cute quotes that can be seen in classics, such as “Gone With The Wind”, to “On Golden Pond”, etc…


Top 8 Cute Love Quotes From Movies

From the vintage classics come the cute love quotes from movies that everyone quotes. Even if you haven’t watched the movies you’ve probably heard the cute sayings. These are the most romantic movies of our parents’ time. These words define our feelings and put our thoughts into words when it comes to what love is, how we should be defiant in the faces of those who oppose us and how we feel about lost love.

This line was said to Ingrid Bergman by Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca and he meant it, without a doubt, literally. These days, the line has taken on a more of a metaphorical meaning, and most people use it to refer to memories which have long passed. It has been used in many stories, books, and songs.

Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you probably know this quote. Love Story is a movie about forbidden love, going against everything for love, losing love and reconnecting with a person you were once very close to.

Casablanca as a classic movie as it is, it’s one of the most quoted and most romantic movies of all times. However, it’s also one of the most misquoted movies, too. This cute love quote describes love on first sight with great accuracy.

This is another very complicated love story that romance tries to simplify. However, the lovers never unite their flames of love; instead, they keep their relationship purely platonic. At the end, this iconic line was said.

This movie made most teenage girls want to be like Jennifer Gray and believing that true love is a man lifting you up in the air while they are dancing. But that dream didn’t become a reality for many of those dreamers, however, that doesn’t stop anyone from shouting this quote when wanting to do their own kind of dancing.

This is a complicated love story. The Graduate has one of the most memorable cute relationship quotes. It’s a movie that shows how love wins in the end.

Gone With The Wind comes in at second place when it comes to cute couple quotes from movies. The scene where Rhett walks out on Scarlett made us all feel broken hearted at the end, but, we should all remember that tomorrow is a new day.

You had me at hello! -- Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire combines romance and sport, which makes it the perfect movie for couples. It also has the most quotable cute love quotes. This simple saying is one of the most quoted ones and it ignites an unseen flame in the hearts of lovers.

Read some more beautiful love poems


I love you. I love your lips and gentle touch that captivates me.
It makes me forget of all the other women, of everything I have been through.
I love you. We’re like in a Zoo, heart and soul together locked in a cage,
I learn from you, you learn from me, together we’re going to escape this.

I love it when you listen to me, when I talk; I want to see your eyes,
Now you’re in my arms, hugs and kisses. I love you today.
I want to capture every glance, every word, and every touch.
The night is young – as they say, so I hope it will be a long one.

Soul Thunder

I can feel the fog covering me again,
I can smell the trouble in the air.
Tonight I’m so alone,
The streets are soaked, the windows are weeping.
I need to know where are you.

I can hear the thunders from the sky,
I can feel them in my soul.
I admit to the world that I will spend the century to find you.

I can’t find my way around without you,
the love that I feel is the only thing in me.
If I need to live without you,
I’ll rather die in the very moment.

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