Love Poems For Him

Here you can find some of the most beautiful poems for your boyfriend. These love poems for him from the heart are as pure as they can be.

Love Poems For Him From The Heart

My Short Love Poems For Him From The Heart #1:

Tiny Capillaries

In love
Accurate but not quite substantial enough
I always felt consumed by love

Entirely engulfed
Until it was an obsession
Until it dripped out of my every pore
It’s essence, it’s heat and it’s nerve racking excitement
flowed throw my every vein

From the largest arteries to tinniest capillaries
that so happen to be responsible for your rose coloured cheeks
Oh! what an animistic desire you have bestowed upon me

An instinctual hunger
In love
No I am love!
For it has stolen my body
I act only on its will

My Love Poems For Him From The Heart #2:

Love And Time

They say that love grows better with time
it thrives on patients and trust,
well there’s no doubt within my mind
this fact was based on us.

Its just the little things you do
which let’s me know its true,
that no one else within this world
can take the place of you.

For all the times we’ve been together
good times and through bad,
for all the times you’ve forgiven me
whenever I’ve made you mad.

For all the times we’ve held each other
through sunshine and the rain,
for all the times we’ve comforted one another
to ease away the pain.

These words are just to let you know
your heart is connected to mine,
and hopefully also make you see
our love grows better with time.

How to Write The Best Romantic Poetry

If you’re wondering what is the easiest way and how to write the most beautiful poetry from the heart and if you’re searching for an individual and special approach to communicate, you’re at the right place. Why not compose love poems for the one you love, for person who sets your heart blazing? Whether attractive and provocative, sweet and exotic, or wistful and unadulterated, let your words convey the message of your heart and write the most awesome love poems for your boyfriend.

The basics of writing the best love poems:

There are few basic things and tips that you need to pay attention to when composing love quotes for him:

Brainstorming – You need to write everything that is on your mind. Share every thought or memory about your loved one on a piece of paper and after that make a list of the best things you’ve written. Write about how you felt when you and your girlfriend started dating, when you first felt the butterflies in the stomach and how you enjoy every single moment with your significant other.

Comparing – No matter the type of poetry you’re writing, comparing is a good thing to do. Comparing your loved one to a beautiful rose or a great day in the summer, to a lullaby or a beautiful bird has its special meaning. Is your affection as sure as the rising of the sun or as profound as the seas? All of the great love poetry authors are doing it so why wouldn’t you?

Rhyming – If your love poetry has a great flow and awesome meaning, it doesn’t mean that it needs to have rhymes in it. If there is a need of rhymes, there are many tools online that can help you, but if you have the right words, no rhyme is needed.

Being personal and honest – You don’t need to worry about how good your poetry is as long as it’s honest and you’re expressing your feelings. If you use your partner’s name or some of his/her phrases can make your composition even more personal and much better.

Being expressive – If your writing is poems about love for him or romantic poems for her, you can create pictures or create a certain mood to you, to the person that you dedicated the poem to or even some random readers, then you’re doing it right.

Great Tips for Writing Love Poems for the One You Love

Writing something endearing and unique such as poems of love and love letters, always comes with a challenge due to the requirement of achieving originality and spark emotions in the reader. Making a love poem for the one you love demands strong will and quite an effort, but devoting your time in it is still worthwhile. The goal is to evoke overwhelming emotions and endless appreciation for writing a piece of art, a creation that lasts forever inspired by an emotional connection with another human being. There’s no way you can do wrong by writing a love poem, maybe you’ll hit the target maybe you won’t, either way your effort will cause deep admiration and bring a smile on your loved one’s face, and that’s the whole point of doing it in the first place.

I know it’s easier said than done, however these obstacles can be simplified and dealt with, using some helpful directions which may guide you through this rewarding as well as a self-enriching process. Pay attention to the following basics when you write love poems for the one you love:

Particular Taste

Not everyone has the same taste in poetry, and poetry varies in terms of personal likes. Judging if a poem is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is very subjective, and depends on the connection of the reader to the poem’s content and his personal experience. Someone likes it sad and melodramatic while others admire humoristic spice of poetry. You should consider what’s best for your loved one, what feelings you want to express and what could touch them deeply and evoke an emotion.


Most poetry tends to be a free verse. However, there are specific forms like a sonnet, limerick or haiku. Choosing the right form is important because you are dictating the flow of the poem. While you are at it think about whether it should include rhyme or it should be a rhyme-free love poem.


To make the poem easy understandable, you need to use punctuation so when someone reads it knows where to make a pause or stops. Avoid under or overuse of punctuation. The abundance of punctuation complicates the flow of the poem which is not good for the reader’s overall feeling.

Avoid Clichés

One of the major problems in writing a love poem is how to convert your feelings without turning them into cliché. Telling the one you love that they are beautiful and you love them is not suffice for writing an inspirational love poem. Use synonyms that can turn a simple and common sentence into a magical one.


Never astray from the topic, use proper words and meanings. If the reader can’t find the meaning or understand the poem, then you failed in completing the task. The reader should be able to feel or understand the poem from their point of view, not yours.


The flow of the poem is of big importance and it should be consistent. Make sure all the lines are with a similar length, and nothing looks weird or uneven. Does the poem have a soul, a pulse when you read it, are the words right and go with the flow of the poem, how is the rhythm, the rhyme and does it have a pattern.


Achieving full visualization and emotional transfer is crucial to interpreting what the poet is trying to put into words. You need to make the reader see and feel your words, live in the moment, just like painting a picture and capturing the moment.


Tell them a story, keep things interesting. Build your poem and let it evolve and end it with staggering verse for greater impact.

Connection with the Reader

The reader will feel the connection with the poem if there are personal situations and particular qualities about them like attitude, looks and behavior. Speak from your heart, pour your honest feelings, and let them know how they make you feel, remind them of the times you’ve been exceptionally happy together. Imply to the little things they do and the imperfections you love about them, what makes them one of a kind and why they are so precious to you.

Revise and Edit

In the end read the poem out loud and revise it for mistakes. Be careful and don’t misspell words that can show you how sloppy and inconsiderate you are, thus you don’t really care about the person you are writing the poem for. Edit the poem where is needed and aim for perfection, you can always write a better version than the previous one.

And lastly, write love poems for the one you love that will affect them, raise emotions and pleasant memories, touch them deeply, make them smile or even cry from happiness or even sadness. Poetry is all about emotions and what better way to express and celebrate your love than through an astounding love poem.