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Romantic Love Quotes For Him From The Heart

There are a million authors out there and billions of bright and sad love quotes for him or her. We know that sometimes it can be a little scary to pick the best love quotes for your boyfriend or girlfriend, but it will be worth it, believe me. There are many love sayings and cute quotes about love that are highly regarded and famous, but that doesn’t mean they are the best choice for you or your loved one. This shouldn’t worry you, we are here to help and with our help picking the perfect love poem for the one you love will be as easy as pie.

By coming to our page you’ve taken the first step in the right direction. We have different types of poems which are categorized by your needs and to make it as easy as it can be for you to find what kind of poetry you need. It doesn’t matter what it is, love poems for her, love poems for him, love quote for her or him, and we have it as long as you need it.

When choosing sweet love quotes for him from the heart, you need to look into and consider what they like and what is their personality is like. For your loved what is important it will be the thought that will count. But, by choosing a poem or romantic quotes that will match their character and what they like will show your loved one that you love them, care about them and appreciate them.

Most people that aren’t familiar with poems and cute relationship quotes, they in fact are musical to recite and do have an elegant and classic feel. A lot of people recognize poetry just because of the rhyming. But, people that have read a lot of poetry and are familiar with it might prefer poetry that doesn’t rhyme, for example poetry which is written in free verse, which gives the poem a feeling of avant-garde and a modern feel and can be appropriate for people that love art and culture.

For a public event, for example a wedding choosing a poem or girlfriend/boyfriend quotes which is famous can be a safe bet. Acclaimed and famous love poems have little, to no chance for embarrassment because they are adored by a lot of people and will be appropriate. However, if you are presenting a poem in a more private environment to a girlfriend choosing a poem that is less famous and acknowledged, but will be more personal and intimate, will suit the needs and make your point across that you have picked a love poem just for them.

My one and only sorrow

Nowadays I don’t know what is your number,
I don’t know where are you.
But I’m still yours, wherever you are.

Love hurts though,
this feeling is making me feel forgotten,
stupid, rejected.

I re-live the memories every single day.
I remember the soulful music in the morning,
The holiday sounds and how every day was for us.
I remember the kisses, the hugs, your smiling eyes.
Do you remember anything of this?
I was to good to be true, right?

They say that all of this is going away,
that all of this will be forgotten one day.
But I remember the kisses, the hugs, your smiling eyes.
Do you remember anything of this?
I was to good to be true, right?

I just hope that you will not
make the same mistake again.

Sky is the limit

If I can wake up today,
in a world with love and without old debts.
Without these shadows that
are following every one on my footsteps.

If there is a day in which I can hug you,
without remembering the autumn’s cold.
Without remembering the suffer
they just followed us…

Don’t ask me about my life,
I lived it like there are no limits,
they say the sky is the one,
but I don’t trust them, there is none.

If I can wake up today,
with a morning coffee and my lover next to me,
so I can kiss her and hug her.
Do I ask too much?

If I can fall in love again,
to forget you and meet you for the first time,
I will be the happiest man alive,
and nothing will stop me now.

Don’t ask me about my life,
I lived it like there are no limits,
that’s why it’s like falling from the sky,
living in a lie.

They say the sky is the limit,
but for you my dear, I will go above it.
They say the sky is the limit,
but I will fly and catch the clouds,
go to the moon and to the stars,
and come back for you my love.

I Have Been

I have been the girl
Who had friends but never really had them.

I have been the girl
Who people thought of as naive
But never really knew her.

I have been the girl
Who listened first,
And then decided who to befriend.

I have been the girl
To whom people went for advice
But when time came for them to help
They never really cared.

I have been the girl
Who thought she had found her friend for life
But when time came,
She realized he was just the one of many to come.

But most of all,
I have been the girl
Who fell in love
But never had the courage to tell.

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