Benefits of Writing Quotes about Losing a Loved One

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In this article, you’re going to discover the benefits of reading and writing quotes about losing a loved one. To deal with the loss of a loved one grief through poetry is a really healthy way. Over the years, poets have calmed a lot of negative feelings and achieved peace through their words.

The benefits:A lot of emotions flood us when someone close dies. To deal with these emotions we need an outlet, even mental health professionals prove that we need to release grief. Bottling our emotions is very dangerous and will do a lot of damage to psychical and mental health, clinical depression and stress can mount.

Reading and writing quotes about death of a loved one gives us a way to deal with the pain that comes when we have lost a loved one. It can bring a lot of sunlight into our rainy days. Poetry has a lot of benefits for grief, here are some of them:

– Healing and reading quotes about loss;
– Understanding and accepting what happened;
– Knowing that there are a lot more people in a similar situation, so you can look for sympathy quotes about losing someone;
– Looking for progress;
– Comfort from the heartfelt verses

Types of poems:

Types of poems and quotes about death of a loved one which can help us are some of the following:
– Sorrow;
– Christian poems;
– Hopeful poems;
– Love poems for him or her;
– Poems about not forgetting

– I Can Wade Grief by Emily Dickinson;
– At Castlewood by Emily Bronte;
– Who Never Lost by Emily Dickinson;
– Grief by Elizabeth Browning;
– Brooding Grief by D.H.Lawrence


The best therapy for grief is writing, put your feelings of loss in ink. You might enjoy writing daily in a journal, plus it’s all there, all your poems in one book. You can take your journal everywhere you go it will be a great friend if tears come to you often. Find a place that is secluded and where you can be alone so you can write your memories, emotions and love for the one that has passed and don’t be afraid to write verses of poetry in your journal. These words will heal your heart and give an outlet for your grief. You might want to share your poetry with others close to you, you might want to keep it to yourself or you can share it anonymously online. When you are writing here are some things you should think about:

– The meaning of the person;
– What he or she has done for you;
– What you’ve learned from him/her;
– How he/she impacted in your life;
– Things you were enjoying doing together;

Don’t stop:

When a time has passed from the passing of your loved one don’t stop healing yourself with poetry and stay in touch with your feelings. Writing your own poetry and also reading others’ poetry will continue to heal your heart and mind. Spend your time grieving like this and the results will be healthier body and mind. Don’t keep your grief bottled up inside and let it out in ink.


I’m always afraid of death,
That one day it would come for me,
Maybe now or later,
Afraid that everyone would just leave
That I would have nobody,
Nobody to care,
Nobody to tell me I’m okay,
It took my gran.
I was so afraid,
I kept saying wake up gran,
Don’t leave I’m not ready yet I need you still,
My mum told me to wait outside.
I didn’t know what to do,
I cried on the hall,
I walked out there with sadness,
And fear that it would take everyone away,
I’m afraid of being alone,
With no one to help me.
It is my fear that hold me back,
But without it I would cry,
I have to be strong for my mum,
For everyone.
After school I would go to my room,
Lock the door behind me,
I would cry till I had no tears left,
But I had no one to comfort me.

Thank You, I Love You!

The night is made for us to rest,
to forget all our problems and stress
but every night for me still is restless
I just can’t forget you love and caress
As the wind blows over my body
tears run down my face felling sorry
i feel sorry for the things I did wrong
all these time I thought I was strong
to face the future without your presence
for me to be happy but it was non-sense
you were much more than a father
you are such a good person, life could ever offer
yes it’s hard to be without you
but I need to be strong and be new
thank you for the life and the lessons you gave
I love you my father and I’ ll say I love you as long as I live
there is one promise I’ ll give to you
in my heart my dear father you’ll always live, I love you.

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