Sad Love Quotes – Heal a Broken Heart with Sad Quotes

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How to Write Sad Quotes about Love

Going to difficult times is just a part of life and living, we will have to go through heartbreak, grief, loneliness and hundreds of these dark and sad emotions. However, when we go through them, we also have to deal with them. And the best way to deal with these emotions and feelings is by writing. You can write anything from poems, stories, books to sad love quotes. Out all of these writing quotes is the easiest and it can be done by anyone with just a few simple tips.

The first thing that you need to do, even before you start to write, is to understand what are the styles and themes of sad quotes. All of them focus on themes such as anxiety, depression, death, grief, loss and loneliness. These themes are often found to be therapeutic and healing for the writers. They help them to get through these feelings and live a much happier life, leaving those emotions behind them, while moving on. In order to understand all of these themes and styles, you need to read a few of these love hurts quotes. They can be found very easily as it is a very popular style of writing for many poets and authors. Then you should read and analyze the examples, think about how every writer presents the feelings of darkness in their writings, what descriptive language was used and how the writer presents the sensory detail.

Before writing make a list of a few keywords, these keywords should all relate to darkness and sadness. The idea behind this is to get words and terms that will conjure feelings of darkness within you. Remembering moments in which you were feeling lonely and sad will help the words come easier to you. You can even write about one of those specific moments. Write about that specific event from your perspective, by doing this the sad quotes about love will feel much more honest and intimate. You can also describe a dark place or person which has a lot of significance to you. Maybe you think of a certain place or person when darkness and sadness come to mind. This helps you to improve your skills when it comes to creating pictures with your words.

When it comes to writing the actual sad love quotes there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing you should always do is avoid all cliches. Adding sensory detail and using literary devices will help your writing style and improve the quality of your writing style. Then read, revise and edit, again and again.

On the other side

The plan was for us to be together,

Together alone – while the city sleeps,

Together on the rain without a need of an umbrella…

Me and you on these city streets.

But unfortunately none of it happened.

You’re alone on the road.

I know how much pressure It was for me,

When I had no sleep for days, I did not want anything else.

And to rest is what I needed, but no matter how much you try

No matter how much water you put,

The tree will not blossom, neither shall fruit born as before…

Nothing is as it was before,

If you were not happy you do not know what sadness is,

If you were not loved when you do not know what hate is,

If you don’t have the opportunity and your life depends on others,

When someone’s hands are trying to catch you,

And you can’t see them from the fog…

It may be fine, and it may be a gift

May be a good thing that I had left earlier.

To leave is a blessing this time,

to stand between options is really difficult,

so I had to let it go,

I see you from the other side now.

I just want you to know that I was happy,

But, hard life makes us have tones of temptations

and I realize that the test is that mileage.

But the long road don’t matter

When I’m on the way to mo meet you.

These moments that are worth more.

I love you, but it is time for you to look forward.

Your life does not stop, I’m the one who’s gone.

My body is under the ground and my only sunshine

Is not the light from the candles, but from your happiness.

On the other side I stand alone in the dark

I think about everything that happened.

I think of you, I think of us. I need you so bad.

On the other side I stand alone in the dark

I think about everything that happened.

I think of you, I think of us, I hope that you’re waiting for me.

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